Melinda has been in love with travel and the service industry for as long as she could remember.  Growing up she would cherish the times her family would go on vacation hardly being able to wait until the next trip.  As she grew up she had a desire to help people with their vacations and began working for a travel company in Benton Harbor, Michigan.  She specialized herself in travel to Walt Disney World as she saw it as the most magical place on earth.  Her clients would tell her that they wished they could pack her up in their suitcase and take them with her because of her love for anything Disney and her knowledge of the parks she loved.  

In her late 20’s she met a man who became her future husband, Chris.  Chris was a small contractor in Arkansas when they married whose business grew rapidly over the first couple years of their marriage.  Due to the housing bubble in 2005 the company that Chris started folded not long after the crises hit NW Arkansas.  With a 3 month old baby and through much prayer Chris and Melinda decided to move to Florida and start a new life.  Trying many different things all of which never really took off and barely able to make it, living off bologna and ramen noodles, something changed; this is where Melinda remembered the words she heard many years ago when she worked in the vacation industry.  So in October of 2008 Melinda started a DBA called Create A Dream, beginning with doing private tours to Walt Disney World.  

It started very small with her working as a waitress and Chris working by stocking shelves overnight at Wal-Mart.   Over the next couple of years it began to grow a little, but Melinda felt in her heart the time to go full force was there.  With much reluctance, in January 2010, she quit her waitressing job and that year experienced over 1000% growth.  The following years have continued to see well over 200%, and sometimes 300% growth each year.  

Chris feeling God had more for them also quit working for Wal-Mart and began focusing on business management, the expansion and marketing of this fledgling company and bringing a dream into a true business reality.  In January 2013 this little DBA incorporated into Create A Dream Management, Inc. 

Through Chris & Melinda’s leadership the company is experiencing phenomenal growth with no end in sight to the heights it will achieve.  The fledgling company has grown into a full umbrella company focusing on worldwide concierge service with divisions in every area of travel.  It has sprouted a ground transportation corporation called Create A Dream Limo Service, Inc. and is continuing to stretch its reach into other areas. 

- Private Jet and Corporate Helicopter Charters

- Private Yacht Charters

- A “Personal Resorts” Expansion with full service amenities like: Private Chefs, Maids and Limo transportation for all Resort clients.

The long term goals reach our arms around the globe with our imagination being our only limitation for growth.

Mission/ Values

Our mission is simple, to build relationships. 

Relationships are the foundation of every area of life.  Without relationships no one prospers and nothing grows. 

It is our desire to build every relationship into a friendship and to make everyone feel like family.  In every relationship built it is our desire to provide the best quality service at the best possible price.  We don’t want to hear our friends saying they need vacations from their vacations.  We want them to be able to relax in a time when stress should be the last things on their mind.  We will provide all our friends, whether they are on vacation or on their way to a corporate function, with a one stop shop experience providing them with whatever they want or need no matter where they are in the world. 

With Create A Dream Management, Inc. we hold to the old adage that the “customer is always right,” and we will say “Yes” to every single request within reason.

Our values are just as simple.  We believe that the only way to be the best for our friends is to be a servant to them.  We hold to the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto yourself.”  Our values mean that we will always strive to help others that are in need, whether they be friends or co-workers of this company. 

We don’t see this as a business for ourselves but a business in service for all of us.