Chris was born in NW. Arkansas in the early 70’s and was raised as a country boy most of his life.  A third generational tradesman he began carrying lumber for his uncle and grandpa at the age of 12 and worked in the construction trade most of his life.  As a young adult he began having the urge for something more.  Chris began this search in sales with a large car dealership in his area and quickly became one of the top sellers in the company along with one of Ford Motor Company’s top 500 sellers in the country.  With his success in sales/marketing and his knowledge of construction he started a company that quickly grew. 

Chris is a man of vision and an entrepreneur at heart; he loves business and the concepts of business growth.  Since his wife Melinda had the idea of a tour service to one park in Orlando, Chris has helped grow this company into a service that has begun an international reach with clients in over 36 states and 2 countries.  He has led Create A Dream into a direction that far exceeds the humble beginnings of a tour guide company and just a couple of clients.  His vision is limitless and his enthusiasm is unending when it comes to bringing the mission of Create A Dream Management, Inc., Create A Dream Travel and Tour Co., and Create A Dream Limo service, Inc. to the hearts of all the families and friends he makes along the way.


“Relationships are the foundation of every area of life.  Without relationships no one prospers and nothing grows.” --Chris Hanks