Hello my name is Joey Adams.  I was originally born in Hebron, Kentucky where I lived with my mom and grandparents.  When I was 6 we moved to Aurora, Indiana where I spent the rest of my time until my move to Florida.

During high school I was very involved in sports and in my church.  My youth pastor was the one to really see leadership potential in me and he would make remarks about it often.  After high school I chose to go to Cincinnati Christian University.  It was here that I really began to feel a call on my heart to be a pastor of a church one day.  After my first year and after praying I did some research and I decided to pack up and take my life to Venice, Florida.  During this time I began to get heavily involved in youth ministry and in two years I received my associates degree from Central Bible College. 

Now we arrive at the present where I am currently working on my bachelor’s degree in ministerial leadership from Southeastern University located in Lakeland, FL.  During this time I was introduced to Chris and Melinda Hanks and began working as a tour guide for Create A Dream.  I have led many tours and love the magical and unique experience every family receives.  For Walt Disney, it all started with a mouse and for me, it all started with a move to Florida.

Dreams can take us to places our minds could never imagine…

God Bless.